I recently learned my boyfiend has a good amount of seafood account

I recently learned my boyfiend has a good amount of seafood account

I recently learned my boyfiend has an abundance of fish account.

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ok maybe i start through the start. He asked me if i was ok cuz i guess i looked stunned ( i was), so i lied and said i was fine when i was getting ready to head home tonight. once I got home i called him and asked if he’d mind deleting his pof account given that it made me feel uneasy. very nearly prematurely he stated ‘sure not a problem’. Then he was told by me that ‘i’m sorry it simply makes me personally uncomfortable’ in which he stated ‘sure’. however asked what he had been as much as in thai dating app which he stated he simply surely got to work and ended up being using the pc so he previously to get.

I did so a explore google for his online pof dating nickname and i discovered him on 3 other dating web sites. omfg.

therefore, just what did i actually do? I possibly could just see the cached form of his a good amount of seafood (pof) profile on google (I am a programmer and I also understand how to bypass such things) so i developed a fake account after which went along to the cached web page and included him as a well liked he was online (friday morning at 8:21 – while i was in the freaking shower at his house) so i could see when the last time. I quickly visited another site that is dating discovered him on and put up a fake account and messaged him about it.

okay therefore now that i’ve him to my fav list regarding the fake pof account i’m able to see one hour ago he logged in (2something am). just now. I AM ABLE TO SEE HIS PROFILE EVEN IF NOT LOGGED IN. (you cant repeat this if some body hides their profile) therefore it is no further hidden, and NO not deleted.

WTF. so he went online and unhid it, once I asked him to delete it because he must not be on there to start with as he calls me personally their gf.

ok i’ma freaking out right now.

omg just exactly what do i actually do. I am literally crying and achieving a meltdown that is total now.

He had been soo good in my opinion. exactly just what occurred? Exactly why aren’t we good sufficient for almost any man.

I am designed to see him the next day during the volleyball competition after which i dont see him after all a few weeks cuz he works a various change. omgomg. *cries*

okok i just messaged him on pof also. We made another account that is fake this dating website too. I possibly couldn’t help it to. omg I belweeve I will be up all night going crazy.

I am hoping he does not msg me personally straight back but during the exact same time We wanna catch him in their very own lie.

Was soo perfect when i actually saw him today. I am talking about he was sooo advisable that you me personally. why this all of a rapid, why?

omg we have no clue how to handle it once I see him at vball the next day. I am soo harmed. I recently want him to delete all those records and would like to be beside me!

I think i need to carry it up tomorrow but just what if he produces another account under a various title? How do I ever again trust him?

I will be cheated on AGAIN. It can be felt by me. *cries* But this simply does not add up. I am treated by him soo well why does he repeat this?

My final 2 boyfriends cheated on me personally and I also can not simply take a different one carrying it out to. We never healed from this, therefore possibly it made me personally more responsive to this but i can not make it. It is nevertheless incorrect.

Has been on a dating cheating that is website he never ever satisfies girls? I do not wish to be satisfied with 2nd option or set up together with screen shopping.

ugg. how to handle it. I must say I liked this guy *sigh*